Enter & View Authorised Representatives



Becoming an Enter and View Authorised Representative offers the opportunity to observe local health and social care services at the point of delivery; by speaking with staff, patients, residents, relatives and carers. This is usually done by visiting the service; however, during the Coronavirus pandemic, this has not been possible. Healthwatch Warrington is planning to safely resume visits as soon as restrictions are lifted.

The priority services for Enter and View visits throughout 2021 are GP Practices. Access to these services and to treatment options have been affected by the pandemic and the review team will aim to gain an insight from patients and staff about their experiences. It is our intention that the new volunteers with the Enter and View team will be trained and ready to commence in the role.

The volunteer will be working as a member of a small team, observing health and social care services at the point of delivery.

The role involves speaking to patients/services users, carers, relatives/friends and staff about their experiences of the service. Examples of services include Residential Care Homes, GP Practices, and Inpatient Wards.

Following the visit, the volunteer will provide feedback to the Enter and View lead and contribute towards the production and publication of report.

The volunteer will need good communication and observation skills. The volunteer will need an understanding of confidentiality and will always conduct themselves in a respectful and appropriate manner.

The volunteer will be working as a member of a team; therefore, effective team working is important.

The volunteer will have the opportunity to experience team working and gain an increased understanding of local health and social care services.

The volunteer will receive training on Enter and View visits and the role of the Authorised Representative. This includes an understanding of all the work carried out by Healthwatch Warrington.

The volunteer will have the opportunity to work in collaboration with other third-sector organisations, when planning and undertaking Enter and View visits.

The volunteer will be invited to attend an informal interview and will have the opportunity to ask any questions about the role.

Successful applicants will require a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check, and this will be funded by Healthwatch.

Training will be provided before commencing as a volunteer.

Healthwatch Warrington values the contribution that volunteers make to supporting the team and appreciates the time that they give freely. There is no minimum requirement for volunteer hours and the amount of time can be as little or as much as they can spare.

Out of pocket expenses will be reimbursed.

Call Adrianne Roberts on: 07395357879

E-mail: Adrianne.roberts@healthwatchwarrington.co.uk