Warrington People’s Panel

What is the People’s Panel?

We’re looking for people with an understanding of Health and Social issues that are important to the residents of Warrington.  For example, this experience may have been gathered through regular visits to a GP, hospital admissions, or an ongoing medical condition that requires regular appointments with healthcare professionals.  This can be either you a family member or friend or as a carer. 

The panel will act as a consultative body, independent of the Warrington Together programme. Its aims and objectives reflect the statutory functions for local Healthwatch groups developed by the Department of Health and the Local Government Association, and are consistent with Healthwatch’s contractual obligations to Warrington Borough Council.  

It is proposed that, for the duration of the Healthwatch contract with Warrington Borough Council, the People’s Panel will: 

  • Advise, influence and challenge programme partners on a whole-system basis;   
  • Promote and support the involvement of people, including ‘seldom heard’ groups, in the commissioning and provision of local care services and how services are scrutinised;  
  • Gather the views and understand the experiences of people who use services directly, carers and the wider community;  
  • Comment on whether any transformation proposals amount to significant change;  
  • Review, together with Warrington CCG, any stakeholder engagement and/or consultation plans related to significant service transformation proposals to ensure engagement activity adequately meets the Cabinet Office’s Consultation Principles (2016);  
  • Work proactively with the Warrington Together communications and engagement enabling group to identify areas for engagement; and 
  • Comment on and promote stakeholder engagement and consultation opportunities in conjunction with Warrington CCG.