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Culcheth Medical Centre

Rated by Anonymous
17th August 2019

Chaotic and unprofessional

This practice merged with another local GP practice and it appears the standard of patient care has suffered as a result. The locum doctors used by the practice are many in number to compensate for the lack of enough full-time qualified GP's employed by the medical centre. As a result, patients are not able to see a GP of their choice within a reasonable time frame. Doctor's consultations are frequently rushed, doctors at the practice appear flustered and rush through consultations, this has in my own experience resulted in miss-diagnosis and the need for a further doctors appointment to obtain correct diagnosis and treatment. It is difficult to get an appointment to see a doctor, patients have to telephone at 8.30 and the appointments are gone within minutes. The receptionists offer no choice of time or Doctor but they always demand a 'reason for your visit'. The telephone line is now answered by a recording of a GP moaning about how busy they are, warning you that you will be asked for a 'reason for your visit' and then stating that the receptionists will decide wether you may see a doctor or be refused a doctor and be offered an appointment with the nurse instead, obviously this is unsettling because the receptionists are not medically qualified to act as a triage clinician and make such medical decisions. In my own experience, letters from hospital consultants that required further action have on 3 occasions been ignored by the practice and had to be chased up by the hosptial. Very poor service.

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