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Warrington Hospital

Staff very good with Dad who has dementia

Dad was taken into A&E with pains in his chest. Whilst we were waiting in A&E dad was called in and out of the examination rooms for various tests and was starting to get a bit frustrated. He didn't know why he was in A&E and I had to keep reminding him every 5 minutes and reassuring him the Dr had not forgot about him. We were in A&E for around 4 hours and it was getting busier and Dad was out of his normal routine he was starting to get more anxious and agitated. After an unsuccessful attempt at getting bloods from my Dad we were returned to the waiting room until another member of staff could try but dad was getting difficult and not wanting to co operate. I asked at reception if it was possible to take him home and get his bloods done at a clinic over the weekend or did they need to take bloods before he could go home. I explained that dad had dementia and was starting to get agitated. The lady was very good and told me I could wait in a smaller waiting room off the main room which was much quieter. Within 10 minutes a Dr came to examine my dad, he introduced himself to my dad, shook his hand and gave him eye contact. He was very patient and spoke directly to my dad and gave him time to answer. He gave my dad his dignity and involved him in the conversation rather than speaking over him and just addressing me which is what can normally happen once you tell someone the patient has dementia. Within 10 minutes he had my dad in Xray and another 10 minutes later came back with the results. Luckily it was nothing serious and Dad was sent home. I cant praise the staff enough, once I mentioned Dad had dementia they were very good at accommodating him with the quieter waiting room and allocating someone to examine him and to keep that same Dr throughout the process until we had a resolution.