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Meet your Youthwatch Representatives, who are making a difference to YOUR health & Social Care

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Meet the Panel


Hi, my name is Jake, I’m 18 and I am currently on the supported internship course at Green Lane Community Special School. In my spare time, I enjoy playing tag rugby league for Warrington Wolves and writing pieces of journalism for Warrington Town FC!

“Hi, my name is Josh, I am 14 years old and I love playing on my Xbox with my friends in my spare time I also like playing the guitar, I joined youth watch to put my ideas forward and try to help other people in the community”

Hi, I’m kavya. I’m 21. I love to do Bollywood dancing and yoga. I decided to join YouthWatch as I enjoy giving ideas and input into my community as well as the chance to meet new people and make new friends

Hi, my name is Keeley, I’m 16. I have four sisters and at the minute I am going to school and I am studying entry-level at Asdan. In my spare time, I like watching comedies and I love to play with my little sister! I joined YouthWatch because I love to bring new ideas to the group and questions to be put out there to make services better for more people, my age, in my town.



Hello, I’m Lacey-Mae. I am 12 and love Skateboarding,  Anime, Gaming and The Walking Dead. My hopes for the Youth Watch programme is that young people in Warrington have a voice when it comes to our health

Hi, my name is Megan. I am 15. I like to watch films and TV shows, taking my dog biscuit out for long walks. I love to go on holiday with my family but I also enjoy a lie-in 🙂 . 

I have joined the YouthWatch panel as I like to help people and to have a say on what people my age in Warrington like to do.

I’m Taylor. I am 14. In my spare time, I enjoy playing on my Xbox, learning to draw and speaking German. I also enjoy playing my guitar and making my friends laugh.

I decided to join YouthWatch to increase my confidence and meet new people