Sharing is Caring

Healthwatch Warrington are an independent organisation set up to champion the views of patients and social care service users in Warrington, with the goal of making services better and improving health and well being. During the COVID-19 Lockdown our staff have been providing their time to help the local community in any way they can. 

Crissi delivering essentials to vulnerable residents.

Our Information & Engagement Lead Crissi Morad has been doing her bit to help by making items to sell- donating the proceeds to local charity that are supporting vulnerable people in the community- even setting up a stall outside her home with items and surplus sewing supplies and asking people to donate if they can. She has also been helping the community centre by doing well being calls and picking up essential items for those that are unable. 



“Working from home and looking after 2 small children I’m unable to help out in the conventional ways. I have always loved making things and have so much stuff that I do not need I thought I could share it with people who want to start crafting during lockdown. I have been making mugs, badges and leggings for children and giving the proceeds to Charity. So far, we have raised over £200 for our local community centre which is currently helping the most vulnerable residents stay connected by calling them twice a week and providing supplies. My Daughter Orla has loved picking up items on her walks around the community that she went around the house choosing books she no longer wanted and left them on the stall- she alone has raised £16further £120 for my daughter’s pre-schoolDuring these unprecedented times it is important to remember your local community and help in any way you can. I think it is really important to give back and say thank you.  I am so proud that my actions have raised money for wonderful causes whilst also teaching my children that if you can be anything- be kind.”- Crissi Morad

Orla Crissi’s Daughter sold her books and gave donations to local community centre.



 Lydia Thompson HWW manager also added We are currently running a competition to encourage residents to stay at home as well as trying to support small independent business by offering vouchers to restaurants for the winners. Stay Home, Save Lives, Support Local, Win Prizes , and saying thank you to our key workers. We want to remind the local community that Healthwatch Warrington are also still providing signposting services and collecting feedback on your health & wellbeing during this time.”  




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