The future of NHS commissioning arrangements for Halton & Warrington CCG.

In November 2018, NHS England told clinical commissioning groups that they would be reducing CCG running costs (this the budget for the corporate overheads and administrative functions of the CCG) by 20% by 31st March 2020/21.  

In addition the NHS Long Term plan, published in January 2019 describes how the commissioning environment will continue to evolve and how CCGs will operate in future.  The new approach to Integrated Care Systems needs health commissioning to change to support development of two critical parts:

Over the past few months a lot of work has been done to explore every way possible to make the savings, including whether there was an opportunity to merge with the CCGs across both Cheshire, Merseyside and Mid Mersey (St Helens CCG and Knowsley CCG), in addition to integration with Local Authorities.

All the options were evaluated through a robust process by the Governing Bodies.  The outcome of the evaluation was the identification of the three top scoring options.  These being:

Option 1 – Formal merger of the two CCGs
Option 2 – Do Nothing

Option 3 – CCGs integrate with their respective Local Authorities

You can read more about these options here

All of the views that are received will be summarised and presented to the clinical commissioning groups governing bodies for consideration.

The Case for Change will be presented to the respective Governing Bodies for consideration.  Each Governing Body will then make a recommendation to the CCG membership.  NHS England will then be informed of the decision of the membership and provided with the Case for Change which will include the views and feedback from all key stakeholders, including partners, providers and the public.


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